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Written by Groupe Intellex   
Monday, 05 July 2004 00:00

Groupe IntellexAs a publication and business development agency Groupe Intellex specialises in the commercialisation of innovative ideas and new technologies. 

Long before new concepts and designs are ready for seriously-scaled funding and market launch we provide embryonic care to nurture and develop new enterprises.   All Groupe Intellex projects go through an qualification phase during which we explore how best to ensure future growth.   This may involve significant changes and realignment of the originators' plans but, if it passes through this stage we can then identify a clear plan for business development, funding and market entry.

In providing this early-stage pre-enterprise care we address a fundamental paradox - our clients may have the most amazing ideas but rarely have the resources (especially financial) to support their development.    Groupe Intellex resolves this challenge by having (a) a low cost base, (b)  a vastly experienced business and technological expert network, (c) the editorial skills to articulate the proposition to new audiences and (d) a business model that includes a modest equity share of future enterprises.

When we say 'the idea came to us' we do not mean that we invented it.  Quite literally the ideas and their originators come to us because of our established reputation for making things happen.  

Inevitably we reject some approaches.  Based on our experience, some enterprise ideas simply do not qualify.  In other cases we may not always have the expertise to form a judgement and these we redirect wherever possible to other potential supporters.   For those projects, however, that we agree to support we provide a very full range of services and advice to get them over the hurdles and on route to success.

Our network of expertise, Groupe Intellex Associates, are all practising advisors who maintain and develop their specialist skills and current knowledge through a wide range of consultancy projects.  We welcome further approaches from potential Associates who wish to be part of the Groupe Intellex collaborative network.



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