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Written by David Brunnen   
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 13:49

Sure signs of the start of an English Autumn:

  • Children collecting conkers blown out of Horse Chestnut trees,
  • Geese honking as they gather for another great migration,
  • Corporate accountants worrying about budgets for the next financial year,
  • Blackberry bushes under siege from foraging jam-makers, and
  • Company directors from across India flying into Heathrow for their annual London Global Convention on Governance and Sustainability.

IOD IndiaThat the Institute of Directors of India should choose to fly in to England for their autumn reflection just when so many others are heading off to their winter retreats is, of course, based on solid commercial logic.  The tourists are going home, travel and hotel rates are easing and there’s much business to be done in a less heated atmosphere.

This Global Convention (the 15th) may not have been a very long-standing seasonal feature and it certainly isn’t an unchanging ritual – but you can depend on it. You can be sure that the agenda will give ample time to challenging questions and seek new ways of shifting the culture and practice of enterprise governance.  The distinction between executive management and corporate governance is an important part of business life – but it is one that needs constant review and renewal.

The theme paper for the forthcoming 15th London Global Convention on Governance and Sustainability is now available online.  It raises a series of questions about contemporary approaches to corporate governance and their relevance to entrepreneurs, SMEs and the family businesses that are so important in many parts of the world:

  •  Does compliance with corporate governance codes inhibit innovation, risk taking and diversity?
  • To what extent should governance be general and standard as opposed to appropriate to the context?
  • Why is there so little innovation and variety in governance structures and practices? 
  • Why are so many boards adopting a standard model rather than thinking about governance adapted to meet the needs of each particular enterprise, its aspirations, opportunities, challenges and evolution?
  • Is the governance community a vested interest seeking codes, complexity and compliance because of the benefits they brings to them as suppliers of governance services?
  • Do we need a revolution in corporate governance, a new model, different approaches for various situations, or is this just a question of a shift of emphasis?

The 15th London Global Convention on Corporate Governance and Sustainability of the Institute of Directors, India will be held in London from 7th to 9th October 2015. Following a Global Business Meet at the House of Lords and a special session on the changing role of finance professionals in the boardroom at Chartered Accountants Hall on the first day, the conference element of the convention and the presentation of Golden Peacock Awards will be held at the Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square. Further details are available from: 



The IOD’s Global Convention theme paper is compiled by Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas  - a member of the business school team at the University of Greenwich and DirectorGeneral of IOD India for UK and Europe Operations.


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