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Written by Groupe Intellex   
Monday, 22 December 2008 00:00

GI LogoFamily letters tucked into Christmas cards sometimes entertain and sometimes annoy but always seem to carry the implicit assumption that you will most definitely be interested in the progress of umpteen off-spring of distant friends and families with whom you’ve had no contact since their last Christmas letter.

The annual snapshots, however, build the family history and it's good to know those enthusiastic correspondents are still alive, in various states of health and, despite our neglect, still sufficiently optimistic to hope to hear from us soon.

Groupe Intellex does not send Christmas cards – leastways not since, après dot-com crash, we gave up having a team of eagerly beavering management assistants who were really good at maintaining the XL database of essential contacts.    In our leaner and reconstructed state, fully fiscally recovered in time to plan our way through the next recession, we would not be so rash as to imply that any of our friends had not been paying attention during the course of the past year.

So this, our Christmas family letter, is not being stuffed into cards or being pushed out by email but is, like a novelty to be found amongst the litter of the cracked crackers, lying around waiting to be picked up, to be momentarily marvelled at and then swept away by the urge to clear the decks for more exciting times ahead.

We cannot now recall a time when we would not have said that it had been a good year.  Nor, to be honest, can we recall a time when we did not adjust the benchmark value for ‘good’  to allow for the relatively greater misfortune of carefully-selected others.  But this past year really was positively different – reflecting, we’d like to think, a maturity and wisdom that arrives through the survival of so many of those ‘learning experiences’.

Dear reader, the headlines must suffice; the detail would get in the way of a good story – and the detail is, anyway, the source of the brilliance we will carry into 2009 and must surely be protected every bit as carefully as ‘intellectual property’.

Chairman John, returning from his project to introduce IT training schemes in The Gambia made good use of this experience by helping with the not dissimilar developmental needs of London Transport’s workforce.

David, freed of voluntary service to supply editorials every month for the CMA still found time to lob a further six literary fireworks in their direction.  On-line readership of the CMA archive remains as encouraging as ever – with ‘Islands of Fibre’ taking pole position.

Eoin, our anchor man in Belfast, established our base at the Northern Ireland Science Park where we are now legitimate fully-paid-up occupants within the Innovation Centre we helped to create in 2004. 

Andrew has continued to support our on-line aspirations and Don has kept us on the straight and narrow multipaths of RFpropagation.

Colin has continued to travel the world, speaking at umpteen business events in what sometimes seems like a global one-man campaign to raise the standards of business directors and improve enterprise performance – messages that are needed to heard even more clearly now we are in recessionary times.

But the real stars of 2008 have been the offspring.  Some of the children are growing up fast and others are still at nursery.    Sonic Academy was launched, has moved into regular trading, is now attracting the attention of significant players in the on-line industry and we expect to release great news in January.

Microbial Dolomites has not progressed as fast as we hoped but is better prepared to respond to global opportunities and the market is beginning to turn its attention towards our high-performance bioreactor approach to reduction of atmospheric CO2 levels. 

iBurst (from PBUK) now has the first of the new generation of base stations up and running in Belfast – and with the final hurdles cleared for the next two roof-top sites will soon be delivery the next generation mobile public sector services that will drive several projects. 

Wintermute – our youngest – has gained much confidence from the interest of several players.  Richard’s presentation skills are now better than ever and we look to 2009 for the big breakthrough.

Meanwhile, wild-child Rouge Rocket has been on the back burner whilst William was pre-occupied with his artistic endeavours for City of Ember, filmed at what we now expect to become the base for Titanic Quarter’s Media Campus. 

The speed with which Titanic Quarter has grown is fantastic and the TQ Open Network has achieved fame well ahead of the launch planned for March 2009.  Mould-breaking on this scale is one of our family values. 

And finally, the European Connected Health Campus will launch in 2009. Brilliantly led by Brian it illustrates how it takes years of patient investment to be an overnight star.

So, it really has been a good year for Groupe Intellex – laying the seeds for an even better 2009.    We thank all those who have enjoyed working with us and we look forward to all those who in 2009 will begin to understand how to make a difference by utilising the energy of Groupe Intellex to bring together business brainpower.

Any time you're passing, do stop by...

Best Wishes

Groupe Intellex                       


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