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Written by david brunnen   
Tuesday, 15 May 2007 00:00



‘Personal Broadband’ wins all-Ireland spectrum licences. 



Innovative mobile Internet service will give Irish businesses world-class advantage. 

(Wednesday May 16th 2007, Belfast, Dublin and Oxford)  

Personal Broadband announced today its success in winning identical spectrum licenses in both Northern Ireland (UK) and in the Republic of Ireland.     This spectrum will be used for an innovative all-Ireland mobile broadband Internet service. 

Personal Broadband’s advanced world-class technology has been trialed for 3 years in Belfast. In a statement today, Jim Cooney, CEO and founder of Personal Broadband praised the vision of the UK and Irish spectrum regulators (Ofcom and ComReg) for enabling the coordinated spectrum awards.    “In securing the 1785-1805 MHz band in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Personal Broadband will be the first to deliver a unified mobile network for businesses across the whole island of Ireland.  It has been an exciting step in Ireland’s history and we are grateful to the regulators for their foresight and cooperative approach.  Mobile Broadband is the most exciting development in communications since the invention of the cellular phone in 1973, and we will be using the world’s most effective platform for mobile data.” 

Personal Broadband will deploy the spectrum-efficient mobile technology, iBurst™ - an ArrayComm design manufactured by Kyocera of Japan.  It’s many advantages include the ability to utilize a relatively small amount of spectrum and needs far fewer base stations than conventional systems. The underlying economics of this advanced carrier-grade technology have already been proven in Asia-Pacific and African markets and will now provide new business opportunities for Personal Broadband’s potential wholesale and retail distribution partners.    

The all-Ireland network deployment will begin with Belfast – building on the position gained by the trial system at the Northern Ireland Science Park.  Deployments are then expected to follow in Dublin and other major centres.  Unlike other broadband technologies designed solely for urban environments, the economics of iBurst also enable commercial deployments in rural areas and smaller communities.  

Commenting on Personal Broadband’s unique all-Ireland licence position, Jim Cooney said,  “Radio, by its nature, does not respect international borders.   Together with our investors, Personal Broadband now has the opportunity to deliver unprecedented convenience for professional and business users.   We are also set to eliminate the frustrations of those living and working in border areas, for whom accidental roaming has become an expensive annoyance.” 

Personal Broadband’s all-Ireland operation will be the world’s 10th commercial deployment of this technology and will be supported by the technical and commercial experience of other operators, equipment vendors and the rapidly growing community represented by the iBurst Association.  ENDS: 

Media Contact:   David Brunnen, +44 7714 325 657    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

 Notes for Editors  

About Personal Broadband

Personal Broadband is a dynamic new company incorporated expressly for the purpose of providing the first all-Ireland communications network.  The company name “Personal Broadband” describes the actual user experience.  iBurst’s fully adaptive smart antennas adjust signal patterns to and from each user, creating a personal cell for the efficient delivery of data and voice services. 

Profile of Jim Cooney

The driving force behind Personal Broadband is Jim Cooney, an Australian telecoms visionary who established the world’s first iBurst network across Australia in 2003 under the banner of Personal Broadband Australia.  He has since been involved with new iBurst networks in Norway, The Netherlands and Denmark.  In 2005, Jim won the prestigious Ernst & Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year award acknowledging the success of his Australian businesses.  Jim holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Sydney, a Master of Science from the University of London and a Diploma of the Imperial College, London.  Jim was also Founding Chairman of the iBurst Forum, an international group representing countries and suppliers involved with iBurst wireless broadband deployments.  He is now based in Oxford, UK with offices in Belfast (NI) and Dublin (Republic of Ireland). 

About iBurst™

Personal Broadband has chosen the world’s most spectrum-efficient mobile broadband technology, iBurst, to deliver high bandwidth, wide area, truly mobile broadband – at work, at home, or on the move in between.  iBurst is extremely secure, and conforms to the ATIS/ANSI HC-SDMA standard and ITU-R Recommendations.  It is expected to gain further ratification within the new IEEE 802.20 standard later this year. 

iBurst delivers high speed untethered access to the Internet and Virtual Private Networks, from a wide range of devices including notebook computers, laptops and new multi-service hand-held devices. Just as the cellular telephone liberated voice communication 20 years ago, iBurst now delivers high speed data in a wide area mobile environment - broadband where you want it, not just where there is a cable or a WiFi hotspot.  Importantly, iBurst finds and follows each user – freeing them to move seamlessly indoors and out and on the move while remaining connected. 

Personal Broadband has been piloting iBurst in Belfast for the past 3 years using a base station at the Northern Ireland Science Park.   This trial has enabled hundreds of potential users to experience and evaluate the service.   Pilot evaluators have included construction companies, film producers, harbour vessels and health service professionals.  

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Pictures/Graphics (available on request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) 

  • Personal Broadband Logo 
  • Adaptive Antenna array at Northern Ireland Science Park, Belfast 
  • Jim Cooney in Sydney with mobile technology pioneer Marty Cooper of ArrayComm 
  • Trevor Forsythe of NI/Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment  at trial site, NISP Belfast.



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